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Technology advances our concepts of reality daily. Today's edge is tomorrow's folly while the human knowledge base grows exponentially. Because of the information explosion, information is doubling faster all the time. It took from the time of the first century BC  to the fifteenth century AD for one doubling of mankind's total knowledge base. The next doubling of knowledge was completed before the American Revolution, the next one by 1900, the next one by 1950, and the next one by 1960. The pattern is obvious.

In the twenty-first century A.D., the knowledge base is doubling every eighteen months. Business models, web strategies, and yesterday's IT solutions are obsolete before they are even discovered by most people. A & A Systems mentors each client uniquely. If the web is a informational superhighway, then each user has a different starting point. We take the time to identify where one is, and most importantly where one wants to be. At the core, we are a company that educates. As educators, we have a moral and ethical responsibility to teach those who seek advice. Not many technology companies have this tenement for a keystone. 

A & A Systems was founded on the keystones of ethical advice, customer satisfaction, and tangible value. Many companies contacting A & A Systems are seeking some type of  advice. We believe that all recommendations must be ethically sound. This style of advice elicits trust and repetitious customers. Also,  we are 
able to interpret customers' needs. If we understand their needs, we can give proper advice. If we give proper advice, the customer will be satisfied. Again, this breeds trust and repetitious business. Lastly, let us mention value. When a web site can not produce revenue or reduce some costs, it is purely a luxury item. When a web site will not produce or reduce, A & A Systems will not sell it as necessity. We sell it as a luxury.   

This is all a bloviated way of saying there is a fundamental respect for all clients and their budgets. I believe that if clients knew all about the web or had unlimited resources, why would they need A & A Systems?  Rhetorical yes, but nonetheless poignant. We have always had confidence in the abilities to help a client make an informed decision. Obviously, but always glossed over in high pressure sales, the clients have the power to make their own decisions.  

There are hundreds of thousands of people who claim that they can create a web site.  We make the same assertion but do it with a sense of honor and grace that is atypical in most technological fields.  Perhaps we would be better served tilting at windmills, but our reason d' etre lies in creating web sites which can make an impact. An impact which may be singular or global hence the charm of the Internet.

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