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Corporate Evolution

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In 1996, I was irreflectively engaged in middle management living out the typical American dream. The dream defined as 30 + years in the trenches with a heart attack and a gold watch to show for ardent service.  My whole life would have passed by me and the company would be utterly satisfied with taking all it could take.

Late in this career,  I was attempting to resurrect an outdated computer system.  I enlisted the advice of a variety of professionals to help in this task. Each paraded through my office offering solutions with huge price tags. I recognized while all of these people were well disciplined in their field, they were empty suits. They would use techno-jargon which was common place in their language, but it surely was not in mine. Frankly, some were down-right insulting quickly pointing out what I did not know. I thought that since I was the one with the money I could at least expect some tact. These people were devoid of any interpersonal skills. As long as it did not talk back (like a computer) they were masters of their universe.  Mix them into mainstream retail, and as aforementioned they were offensive.

The customer may not always be right, but they are the customer.  I was gobsmacked by their impudence.  And, I was intrigued by the thought that these people are in sales; and they have aught for people skills.  An epiphany soon followed. I was sure I could take my people skills and fascination for computers and use my powers for good instead of for evil.   

Enter A & A Systems. . . 

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