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Personal Evolution

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Under Construction.

In the beginning, there was the lure of life through literature.  We (we being all the facets of my persona) have to credit all the people responsible for this self absorbed dialogue.  "It is the doom of man, to forget . . ." Therefore we must start out on the right foot and honor all of those who have brought us to this point.  For the sake of protecting the innocent, all non-published influences, will be coded.  Some of you out there are capable of cracking such a code, but you'll have to be very close to my hip pocket in order to catch every nuance.  Just follow the links.


So with that, Dramatis Personae

The Jock
The Shop-Teacher
The Italian Stallion
The Queen-b
The ex-nun

This merry band of educators gathered together day after day around the ol' public school water cooler.  They made a commitment to raise the awareness of each student they touched.  So much of it fell on deaf ears as my blue collar classmates dreamed of tool and die shops.  They yearned for the comfort of a piece work environment where choices are few, and the poker-clad cups of coffee were piping hot @ $.10 a serving.

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The second half of A & A Systems has requested some bandwidth read all about his personal philosophies

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